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Conference Schedule

Thursday, June 24th @ 7pm:

The Trustworthiness of Scripture--Steve Waldron

The Apostolic View of Inspiration, Inerrancy & Interpreting Scripture--Bobby Killmon

Friday, June 25th @ 10am

The Necessity of Prayer in Bible Study--Philip Harrelson

The Bible as a Guide to Life--Steve Waldron

Q&A With Speakers

Friday, June 25th @ 7pm

Exigetical Study: How to Study the Word Verse-by-verse--Philip Harrelson

The Apostolic View of Inerrancy: A Bible Without Mistakes--Bobby Killmon

Saturday, June 26th @ 10am

The Unity of Scripture-Steve Waldron

Systematic Study: How to Study all the Scripture's Voice on a Topic--Philip Harrelson

Q&A With Speakers

Saturday, June 26th @ 7pm

Biblical Archaeology--Steve Waldron

The Apostolic View of Interpreting Scripture: The Right Approach to Understanding God's Revelation--Bobby Killmon